Project Name: SARA Kahinur.

Project Type: 8(Eight) Storied Commercial Building Project.

Location: 720/1/1, Mohammadpur, Dhaka -1207.

Land Area: 6.3 Katha

Car Parking: 13 Nos.

Floor size: 3200 sft. per floor(Approx).

Hand Over Date : 2019


SARA Builders Ltd. is steadily growing dveloper in the Real Estate Industry in Bangladesh. SARA Builders Ltd. is not only a name in the real estate estate market but also an idea and dream of thousands of people like you and milions of other prospects within the country.

We have put in place an excellent management team with skill, experience. Efficiency and effective work force as well as dynamic and dedicated engineers to accomplish any project within the promised stipulated time period. We always walk with the generation and style to satisfy our clients.

SARA Builders Ltd. Has total and enduring commitment to quality and client satisfaction, which is the foundation of every project we build. Your dream, combined with our expertise, creates the perfect balance between plan and task. Our SARA Kahinur Tower project will create a signature of quality, effective service, meticulous attention and consummate dedication.


  • Total foundation and super-structure will be designed and supervised by the experience and professional structural engineers.

    • Building design parameters will be based on American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Standard of Testing Materials (ASTM) & BNBC codes.

    • The entire structure of the building will be earthquake protected.

    • Structure will be designed considering wind intensity (210 Km/ Hour) as per Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC).

    • Total foundation will be designed after Sub-Soil Investigation Report.

    • All materials including Steel, Cement, Bricks, Brick-Chips, Sylhet-sand and other aggregates etc of developer's standard.
  • Supervision: Direct supervision at every stage of construction by experienced Engineers to ensure highest quality.
  • General Features for Connercial Floors
  • Entrance:
    •Project name with title and logo in stylish leters on attactive bankground.
    • Intercom for full function internal commuincation.
    • Marbel/Decorative floor tiles in the floor.
  • Other Facilities at Ground Floor & Semi Basement:
    •Caretaker and guard room.
    • Toilets for caretaers, drivers & guards.
    • Seating arrangement for drivers.
    • Generator room.
  • Car Parking & Driveway:
    •Covered car parking in the Semi Basement Floor comfortable driveway.
  • Under Ground water Reservoir:
    •Water proof underground concrete reservoir with capacity to store water for three days.
  • Lift:
    •One brand new imported (12-14) passengers capacity lift.
    • Lift with Polished stinless steel cabin & door.
    • One year of service warranty.
  • Generator:
    •One brand new imported generator which will empower the specific areas of the entire building during load shading.
    • Generator connection with lift, security and common lighiting area.
  • Electrical Supply:
    • 220 Volt (Single Phase) or 440 volt (3 phase) main cable electric supply line from DESA/DESCO with distibution boar, panel and circul breakers.
    • All eletrical works done in compliance with DESA/DESCO & by expert standard category contractors.
  • Intercom:
    •Intercom provision and system conectiong in all commercial floors to reception through concealed wiring.
  • Water Pump:
    •Two brand new water pumps for full function.
  • Fire Safety:
    •Fire extingsher in all floors according to the necessary firefighting Requirent.
  • Tiles On Floors And Walls:
    •Company standard 16"*16" homogeneous floor tiles in all floors with 6 skirting & toilet door seal. (C.B.C Fu-wang,RAK, Akij, Mir or equivalent).
    • Company standard 10"*13" creamic tiles in wall up to false ceiling in Kitchen and Toilets wall. (C.B.C Fu-wang, RAK Akij, Mir or equivalent).
  • Windows:
    •All wondows will be of silver color 3" Thai-aluminum sliding windows with 5mm glass.
    • 11mm M.S bar safety bar safety grill in all external windows with enamel paint.
  • Doors:
    •Company standard soilid glass door at main entrance.
    • Toilet doors will be RFL standard PVC door.
  • Toilet Accessories:
    •Company stadard Karela model commode & pedestal basin in toilet (RAK or equivalent).
    • Company standard Pan & pedestal basin in all toilets (RAK or equivalent).
  • Kitchen:
    •Stainless Steel sink with pillar cock.
    • One gas line provission.
    •One echaust fan provision suitable located near at burner.
  • Paint:
    •Plastic paint in all internal walls and distempered ceiling in off-white colors. (Berger, Elite, Asian paints or equivalent).
    •Weather coated paint on all ecterior walls(Berger, Elite, Asian paints or equivalent).
  • Verandah for AC:
    •Verandah for Air conditioner outdoor unit installation.
  • Wall:
    •All internal & external walls shall be 5" thick with 1st class auto bricks and fine plaster.
    • Roof top parapet wall with fine plaster.
  • Rod:
    •72.5/60 Grade deformed bar, manaufactured by BSRM/KSRM/SCRM/RAHIM STEELS or equivalent high standard Rod will be used according to the advice of structural engineers.
  • Cement:
    •Shah Cement/Fresh Cement/Seven Ring or equivalent high standard Bangladesh anufacturer.
  • Roof Top:
    •One large meeting with one toilet.
    •3"-0" height parapet wall with fine plaster.
    •One over head water tanks (R.C.C).
    •One stair case room and one lift mahine room.
  • General Tems & Conditions
  • Application: Interested buyers will submit application in prescribed form supplied by the company duly signed by the investor(S) along with the information about Buyer, Booking Money, Payment schedule and other necessary documents. The company has the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason.
  • Allotment: Allotment will be made on first-come-first-served basis. Upon acceptance of Application, Booking Money and other necessary papers (if needed) SARA Builders Limited will provide a Sale Agreement for Shop/Office Space/Commercial floor in favor of applicant. This will include all information about both parties, property, Payment Schedule etc which will be followed by both parties after signing that sale agreement.
  • Payment: Payment should by A/C payee cheque/Bank Draft/Pay-Order or Cash only in favor of SARA Builders Limited. Investors residing abroad may remit payment by TT or DD in favor of SARA Builders Limited.

    SARA Builders Limited expects the investor strictly adhere the payment schedule settled earlier in the Sale Agreement. This must mention here that, timely completion of the project is entirely depends upon the timely payment of the investors.
  • Rights of SARA Builders Limited:SARA Builders Limited has the right to cancel the allotment in case of surrender by the buyer or any unwanted situation made by buyer where the due refund will be made after deducting the Booking Money and realizing the refund amount from the new investor.

    The Company has the right to accept any application for allotment. It also reserves the right to make changes in both Architectural and Structural design of the project if necessary. Limited change can be made in specifications for overall interest of the project.
  • Utility Connection: Connection fee, security deposit for water, gas, electricity and incidental costs will be included in the utility charge. SARA Builders Limited makes these payments directly to the concerned authorities
  • Transfer of Ownership: Proportionate share of indivisible land as well as the commercial space will be registered in favor of each investor as per the current rule and regulation of RAJUK.
  • Transfer Cost: All costs related to transfer of ownership like stamp duty, registration fee, VAT, Govt. Tax, document charges, incidental expenses will be borne by the investor on actual basis.
  • Owner’s Association: The investor must undertake to become a member of the Owner’s Association which will be formed by the owners of the commercial spaces of “SARA Kahinur Tower” project with the view to maintaining the general affairs of the complex for common interests        

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